Our Membership Form has the basic questions plus the year and month of the member's and spouse's birthdays and wedding anniversaries. A committee sends cards for these occasions.

  Our dues at present are $30.00 per year plus the membership to MARC National.

  We currently have 65+ member families. We have our children joining as they become young adults, and they are bringing along their young ones to our occasions, which perks their interest in the hobby also. We hope this keeps the hobby going far into the future.

  Our club publication is a bi-monthly one called THE OOGAH BLAST. It comes out except July, August, and December. Helpful hints appear along with all club news and lots of pictures.

  Any member with problems (car-related) can ask and there are many helping hands ready to assist. We also go out of our way to look up information for anyone -- club members or strangers. You would be surprised at the various calls we get from great distances.

  We We meet the 2nd Saturday for a breakfast meeting at Lesters Diner, 9:00AM The address is 4701 Coconut Creek Parkway, Margate

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  For additional information, please contact Tony Spaich, activities director and membership chairman, at, or phone 954-782-6443.

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